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Please view the video to see what we mean.  It's to the Right on a desktop, and to the bottom if a smartphone.  It's under 10 minutes and will give you the basics of what to expect and look for in your Florida real estate journey.

From Emory Warick, Spring Hill, FL

RE: Winter Haven Real Estate, Auburndale Fl Real Estate, Lake Alfred Real Estate,

Reta is what every Real Estate professional should be but isn’t. She did a super job of helping me relocate to Florida, researching the market until finding us the perfect property. She has an in depth knowledge of the field and extraordinary negotiating skills to obtain optimum results. She is personable and fun to work with and demonstrates consistent reliability in meeting agreed upon goals. I heartily recommend her and her company for any and all real estate needs.

“Can’t thank you enough!” -Melody and George Devendorf – Auburndale Fl Real Estate

Hi Reta!

So glad you asked us to comment for you. We were referred to you thru another of your happy customers, Which is always a great way to find business contacts. They spoke very highly of you at the time and asked you to take us “under your wing”. And you sure did!

winter haven real estate happy customers

We had just moved from upstate New York, not far from Syracuse and really didn’t know the area all that well. Just knew that we wanted to be down south to watch our grandkids grow up, as they always do. The kids had been smarter than their parents and made the move a couple years prior.

You found us a perfectly situated home. Close to the kids, our favorite places, and easy access to most any of the local cities, right here in Auburndale.

Property markets had taken a beating at the time and you zeroed in on a home that should appreciate, despite other pressures. To make a long story shorter, if it isn’t too late, you used your knowledge of the area to help us fit in like a hand in a glove.

If anyone else is looking for a Real Estate Broker who is personally invested in her clients, they are in good hands with you. Thank you and good luck to all in finding their dream home with you!. If they can’t, it sure won’t be from lack of effort on Reta’s part.

Melody & George Devendorf

Your Choice of Real Estate Broker May Determine Just How Good Your "Deal" Is.

The difference can be thousands!

For an Expert in Florida Real Estate, contact Reta Stead on her cell phone at 863-412-1340

For an Expert in Florida Real Estate, contact Reta Stead

The MOST important part of your Home Search is the valued Real Estate Professional. 

To quote Google; 

"Real Estate Broker: A person who has taken education beyond the agent level as required by state laws and has passed a broker's license exam. Brokers can work alone or they can hire agents to work for them."

 Real Estate Brokers have become one of the most important players in this entire industry.

 The real estate market has experienced so many ups and downs in the past and will probably continue to do so in the long term. As with any market, change is inevitable, both long term and short term, which many people don't realize.  Unless you are able to keep a pulse on the market, as a good Real Estate Broker does for you, you shouldn't expect the same good outcome, if you D-I-Y or use a  less experienced Real Estate Agent.


 During soft markets, people often chose their Agent or Broker poorly: their friend who worked real estate part-time, the soccer mom down the street, a co-worker, or a new agent who also happens to be a family member. This was understandable due to the large number of agents that often flood a soft market looking for easy money and the common belief that any real estate agent was the equivalent of a professional and experienced Broker.

 Please don't learn the lesson the hard way. Don't believe me?

 Part-time and inexperienced agents do not know how to guide and protect their clients from aggressive loan brokers, many of whom are also part-time or new to their industry as well. They also didn't know the long term ramifications of a buyer's purchase in areas such as high tax rates, true comparables, working with home builders, and loan choices.

 Who keeps track of what stores at the mall are coming or going in or what warehouse facility is expanding?...

Who is laying off?... 

Who is having trouble with the local Town Boards?... 

Where is the new interstate going thru?...

Changes in Flood Zones?...

The projected new school or municipal project planned down the road in 2 years?...

On an ongoing basis...

 Your Broker. 

 Expert Florida Real Estate Broker

And each of those actions/situations and more, are reflected downstream in the Real Estate Market.  Conditions may affect only a few blocks, but if it's YOUR block, wouldn't you like to know?

 The true professionals in real estate are full-time, committed to learning, and will put your long-term interests first.  That includes their advice on the choices you are making, regardless if that is what you want to hear at the moment or not. In doing so they protect your investment and future happiness in hopes of creating a satisfied, loyal customer.  This, if you think about it, protects their own long-term interests as well.

 Professional Brokers assist buyers and sellers in achieving their goals especially in getting the best deal possible. On the behalf of the buyers, the Broker negotiates for the lowest prices they could get. When working on behalf of the sellers, they negotiate for the highest possible price for a property.

 These Brokers take charge in providing the necessary information about properties for sale, their market value and the documents required in closing the deal. While they may have many of the same functions as that of the Real Estate Agents, Brokers are on a higher level as they usually have a broader license to operate their own business or realty office. They can also rent and manage properties.

 The agents, on the other hand, work for and with a broker on a contractual basis. They earn a certain commission from the real estate brokers for every property for which they find a buyer or contract a seller.  After several years in the Real Estate industry though, these agents may choose to obtain a license in order to become a Broker themselves.

 If you're planning to invest in or sell a property and need knowledge of where to start your search, you will want to consult with your own Real Estate Broker. You can ask for a referral from friends and colleagues if they know of a trusted and well-experienced Broker in your specific area to help you with your desire to either buy or sell a home.  In Polk County, Florida, I hope you will think of me, Southern Belle Realty.  863-412-1340.

 On your initial consultation, let me know right away about what type of property you're looking for and the price range you want. How many bedrooms, baths.  Open Floor Plan? Swimming pool or waterfront?  A yard for the kids or dogs?  Near work?  Garage?  Office?  Media Room?  Lot size?  Near family?  Fixer Upper or New Construction?  See our article on getting ready to buy a home too!

 From there, these brokers will then help you look for properties suitable for your needs and budget. They usually obtain listings of homes for sale and then compare them with similar properties that were recently sold in order to figure out the most competitive market value. Financing options may also be offered to you in case you don't have sufficient funds to purchase the property.

 Once you are provided with several choices, be ready to personally visit the properties to check their condition and location. A gauge of what makes a good Real Estate Broker is their ability to identify and provide buyers with the most important selling details. These should include the crime rate in the area, accessibility to schools, shops, and banks as well as the floor plan of the house.

 Keep in mind that you need to be honest about your needs to your broker so they can, in turn, find the best ways to meet those needs.

 In Polk County Florida, contact Reta Stead, an experienced Real Estate Broker on her cell phone at 863-412-1340.  I will treat you like family!

The MOST important part of your Home Search is a Real Estate Professional. We can help!

To quote Google;

"Real Estate Broker: A person who has taken education beyond the agent level as required by state laws and has passed a broker's license exam. Brokers can work alone or they can hire agents to work for them."

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